Meeting Minutes



Minutes of the October 15, 2016 Meeting

Call to order by Chairman VanCampenhout at 9 a.m.

Commissioners in Attendance:  VanCampenhout, Smet, Connell, Moore, Babler, and Hoffman

Approval of Agenda:  motion was made by C. Hoffman and seconded by D. Moore to except the agenda.

Secretary’s Report:  Motion made by M. Connell and seconded by B. Babler to accept the report.

Treasurer’s Report:  Paid second half payment to Lakes and Pond Solutions for $1,210.  Revenue brought in from Town of Riverview of $154.45.  Total cash in accounts:  $54,054.02.  A motion was made by D. Moore and seconded by J. Smet to accept the report.

Committee Reports

AIS:  Committee is made up of Curt Hoffman, Dean Stoller, Jeff Nelson, Pat Porubcan, Jay VanCampenhout, Mike and Mindy Schuh, Barb Taege, Diane Walcheske.  Jay will work with Pat to set up a meeting.  C. Hoffman is now doing water testing, which Ken Kerkhoff use to do. Hoffman will learn how to report results to state.  It was brought up that P. Porubcan is also doing water testing.  Why are they both and what are the results used for? The question will be brought up to Eddie Heath at Onterra.  C. Hoffman will contact Brenda Nordin.

Weed Cutter:  The cutter is stored indoors for $120/month.  A motion was made to pursue possible storage of the tractor and cutter.  Motion was for $1,000 to be used for the storage of tractor and weed cutter.  The motion was made by M. Connell and seconded by B. Babler.  What do we want to do with weed cutter (keep vs sell)?  Do we want to try increasing cutting area?  Is it possible to renew permit to cut?  C. Hoffman to check with Brenda Nordin about permit.

CBCW:  We have 186 ½ hours.  New grant states we must have 200 hours per lake.  This will be brought up to Eddie Heath at Onterra.  We were paid by old grant but not by new grant.

Dump will take weeds anytime brush is accepted.  This is once a month.

Other Business

Property owner dock tax assess:  Arnie Buholz is not our contact person anymore, it is now Kris Barthel (town clerk).  Email:

How to control extended parking on public land with boats (days at a time)?  Weeds being dumped on town land?  B. Babler will look into joint lake law enforcement.