Meeting Minutes


July 22, 2017 Meeting at Community Center, 9:00 a.m.


Call to Order:  Jayme VanCampenhout called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.

Board Members Present:  Jayme VanCampenhout, Matt Connell, Brian Webb, and Curt Hoffman

Guests Present:  Pat and Jane Porubcan, Dave Healy, and Jim Zittlow

Approval of Agenda:  Amended the agenda to include under Other Business bi-annual mailer instead of annual and add Workman’s Comp.  Brian Webb made a motion to accept the amended agenda, seconded by Matt Connell.  Motion Carried

Minutes of the Meeting:  Curt Hoffman made a motion to accept the April 22 minutes, seconded by Matt Connell.  MC

Treasurer’s Report:  Motion made by Brian Webb to accept the treasurer’s report, seconded by Curt Hoffman.  MC


AIS:  Pat Porubcan gave a report on the removal of the CLP and EWM by DASH Diver Assisted Suction Harvesting LLC.  We had the divers for three days at a cost of $2,000 per day.  A motion was made by Brian Webb to approve the extra expenditure of $1,000 toward the harvesting of EWM and CLP by DASH, seconded by Matt Connell.  MC  A question was asked how effective it was and the proof will be when the fall survey is done by Onterra.  Jamie asked if we could get something out a week in advance so that people can see what they are doing next year.  This is all part of our Lake Management Plan.

Weed Cutting:  Jamie asked Onterra during our Lake Management Plan committee meeting to do a feasibility study for the use of the weed cutter.  Jamie would like to see them base the feasibility study of the weed cutter with the data Onterra has collected rather than on 20-year-old studies.

CBCW:  Right now we have 58.5 hours towards CBCW.  Curt and Jane both handed in sheets today.  Eddie Heath had talked about a program where lakes are hiring college students to help fulfill the 200 hours requirement CBCW.  As of this meeting, we have not received anything from Eddie at this time.


Lake Management Plan Committee:  The committee has met twice with Onterra.  Eddie is working on the objectives for the management plan.  Jane will send out to the board members the information the committee received on Monday, July 17.  Shoreline frontage was discussed.  Significant monies are available for people to restore their lake frontage to a natural state.  Pat had read a little about the grants for this, and he thought we might have to apply for the grants through our district.

Board Membership:  A motion was made by Brian Webb to add Dave Healy and Jim Zittlow as ex officio board members, seconded by Matt Connell.  MC

Committee Selection:  Curt Hoffman will be the chairperson for the weed cutter committee.  He will also be the contact person with Eddie Heath at Onterra.  CBCW was tabled until we can find someone to chair.

Election of Board Members:  A motion was made by Curt Hoffman to accept Jayme VanCampenhout as our chairperson, seconded by Matt Connell.  MC  Curt Hoffman made a motion to accept Brian Webb as our secretary, seconded by Matt Connell.  MC  Motion made by Brian Hoffman, seconded by Curt Hoffman to accept Matt Connell as our treasurer.


Bi-annual Mailing:  Jayme feels that we should be sending out a second newsletter.  He would like to focus on educational information.  The board also discussed maybe setting up a Facebook page to get information out to the property owners.

OCLA:  Matt reported that a committee has been formed to decide how the money will be disbursed.  They would like each lake district to send a letter to the county clerk to state their support for a second recreational officer.  The board agreed and Matt will send the letter

Workman’s Comp:  Matt questioned why we need to purchase Workman’s Comp insurance for the weed cutter when it hasn’t been used much.  He feels those who run the cutter are not employees and we should treat them as independent contractors.  Curt Hoffman made a motion to suspend the Workman’s Comp depending on what outcome we get from the Lakes Management Plan, seconded by Brian Webb.  MC

Motion made by Jayme VanCampenhout to adjourn the meeting at 10:40 a.m., seconded by Curt Hoffman.  Motion Carried.