Meeting Minutes


October 21, 2017 Meeting Minutes (Revised)

Call to Order:  Jayme VanCampenhout called the meeting to order at the Community Center at 9:00 a.m.

Board Members Present:  Jayme VanCampenhout, Brian Webb, Judy Buhrandt, Barry Babler, and Curt Hoffman

Guests Present:  Pat and Jane Porubcan and Jim Zittlow

Approval of Agenda:  Jayme added that he e-mailed Oconto County notifying them that the $50 Special Assessment Tax for lake front property owners was approved for 2018 at the annual meeting.  Motion made by Curt Hoffman and seconded by Barry Babler to approve the amended agenda.  Motion Carried (MC).

Minutes of the Meeting:  Brian Webb made a motion to accept the July 22 minutes, seconded by Curt Hoffman.  MC

Treasurer’s Report:  Motion made by Barry Babler to accept the treasurer’s report, seconded by Brian Webb.  MC


Discussed the information that Jayme had sent out to the commissioners:

  1. Reformatted the minutes and committee reports.
  2. Updated the Town of Riverview information
  3. Handout with the Commissioners information
  4. Discussed the two handouts with by-laws, etc.


Mechanical Harvesting:  Lengthy discussion followed about the mechanical harvesting.  Curt wanted to know if we have a strategy.  He would like to get in touch with Eddie Heath (from Onterra) and find out what is feasible with the navigational permit and the information that he sent the board.  Jayme praised Eddie’s approach which used the process of elimination to reach a conclusion as to what areas could and possibly should be harvested.  As an example of the actual results and areas identified for harvesting in the study, Jayme mentioned his own frontage and the amount of foliage growth and congestion and also the areas in Black Bass Lake that seem to be getting worse over the last few years.  Jane read an e-mail from Dean Stoller regarding the mechanical harvester feasibility study.  He felt that we needed to do a cost/operator study.  Jane also added that we need address the various aspects of maintaining and operating the harvester.  Pat commented that we have not done any harvesting for three years.  Curt will contact Eddie to determine if there are any significant permitting or future liabilities with the harvesting and Jayme stated that over the winter the Board should continue to fill in the rest of the harvesting feasibility and implementation plan to present at the annual meeting in May.  Jayme also suggested that it would be beneficial to talk with Chute Pond regarding their mechanical harvester maintenance and operations programs.

Educational Committee:  Barry Babler will chair this committee.  Jane will help him by organizing the newsletter that will be sent out to the district.  Need to determine when and how the committee will distribute the information.

CBCW:  Brian Webb will chair the CBCW.  Jane will enter the information into SWIMS.  We do have over 200 hours for 2017.

Lakes Management Plan:  Pat is concerned about the EWM that has reoccurred.  He will contact Todd?? about what our plan will be for treatment after the fall survey.


Bi Annual Newsletter/Facebook Page:  Jane mentioned that David Van Zeeland could help with the website and maybe designing a Facebook page. Barry should work closely with Dave to develop an appropriate vehicle for dissemination of information.

Management Goals:  Any questions a board member has for Eddie, they should send to Pat, who will then give them to Eddie.  Right now, we don’t know specifically what the next steps of the management plan.  Pat will contact Eddie to see where we move on from here.

OCLAWA Update:  Jayme mentioned that the $200,000+ monies were approved for the Oconto County grants.  He feels we should try and seek some of those dollars to support our new committees, etc.

NO WAKE Designation (Bass/Gilkey):  Jane talked to Dave Van Zeeland and he was looking into the “no wake” for Bass and Gilkey Lakes.  He could not find where they were “no wake” lakes.  Jayme had talked to Ann Hogan and she said they are definitely “no wake” lakes and there is an ordinance with the town.  Right now, the board isn’t going to do anything specifically to address the “no wake” issues. Jim Zittlow did mentioned that he believed the two lakes are “no wake” and cited a DNR statute that all lakes under 50 acres are no wake.

Additional Deputy:  Barry said that beginning April 1 there will be an additional deputy for the seven northern towns.  His hours will be covering the weekends and busy times.  Judy Buhrandt said we should have Monty (from the county) and Brenda Nordin (from the DNR) at our annual meeting.  They are very good about answering questions that the board is unable to answer.

Next Meeting Date:  February 24, 2018.

Adjournment:  Motion made by Curt Hoffman to adjourn the meeting at 10:20 a.m., seconded by Brian Webb.  MC